Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We safeguard your personal data as per the Laws of Republic of India. 

We strive to maintain our services, processes and procedures. 

Personal data implies your name, phone number, address, email and also bank details. Our online system collects Data when you register and when you book any services through us. The data is kept under security taking required precautions to make it sure that it’s safe and sure. 

On using our services, we try to give you access to related data & information. We delete it after deactivating our account unless we have to keep that information for legal purposes. While updating your private information, we may ask you to verify your identity.
We are most likely to reject inappropriate requests that may risk the privacy of others. Whenever we provide information access, we will do so free of extra charge, except where it would require additional effort. 

Our site/app or any other advertising network regularly may set or place cookies on your system to offer a personalized and customized experience. 

We maintain data and history of your purchases in order to keep you as part of our family and to send you offers. But it is never shared with any third party. 

Information presented here is deemed to be accurate and precise as far as possible. However, errors or omissions or inaccuracies may have crept in and we do not accept any liability or responsibility for any consequences. You are advised to check veracity and use your discretion. 

If, during the use of this site/app any viruses or malwares should be transmitted to your computer and cause damage of any kind, we are not responsible. You use our site/app at your risk. 

If you click through to third party links, they may collect your information.?

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