Availability 12:00PM -5:00PM
Experience 6 Years
Extension 2204
Languages Spoken Hindi


Consultancy Charge ₹ 20/min



Profile Summary

I am Vanietaa, a compassionate, caring, and empathetic person. With an experience of 6 years, I have aimed at transforming many lives for the betterment by patiently listening and understanding the problems being faced by the individual and ensuring effective solutions that work the best for them.

 I believe every number gives us something, we should know how to reap maximum benefits. 

Being a Vaastu expert, I excel in diagnosing the root cause of your problems and can guide you towards a better life, relationship, growth in your careers, and eradicate health issues by suggesting minor changes.

Through my detailed and insightful online classes, I have led many of my students on the path towards positive change, across the globe.

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